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Działalność biblioteki


Działalność biblioteki

Library activities

Ever since the beginning of its existence, the public library has always aimed to mark its place on the cultural map of the region. Key tasks of the library include acquisition, inventorying, cataloguing, and continuous updating of the collections. Enriching the library services, so that everyone interested could find something for themselves there. What is more, the library functions as a local repository of knowledge about Kazimierz Dolny and its surroundings with the ever-growing collection of book publications, brochures, maps, as well as documents, photographs and memorabilia related to the life and history of the local community.
It is worth emphasizing that the Kazimierz library is a place where one can not only borrow books but also:
• borrow periodicals,
• borrow press,
• consult literature and press extracts related to Kazimierz Dolny and the region,
• use the reference library,
• use free-of-charge access to the Internet,
• use photocopying services and avail of other office equipment (scanner, printer)

With a view to meeting the users’ expectations, the library has identified the following most important future directions for its activities:
• work with the youngest reader.
• promoting local artists by organising events and exhibitions of the local art and creative endeavors.
• author meetings.
• collecting books, documents, and press articles related to the life and history of the local community.

The main aim of the Kazimierz Library is to popularise books, to kindle a passion for reading, and to instill in readers a love for the written word and for the Polish language.
Coordinating various forms of cultural and educational activities, the library is considering both the needs of the community and its own capabilities, conditioned by staff resources, rooms, and budget requirements.
The cultural and educational activities are targeting all age groups.

Within the framework of the activities addressed to children and youth, the library organises the following events:
• End-of-school fairs
• Festivals of school theatres
• Swearing in ceremonies for readers
• Winter holiday classes
• Library lessons
• Borrowing books by pre-school children (each group visits the library once a week)
• Author meetings
• Monthly meetings with kindergarten children, as part of the activities of the young readers club “Gnomes”, the books’ friends club “Fairy tale”
• Celebrations of the World Book and Copyright Day
• Celebrating the week of libraries.

Library’s offer for adult readers:
• Monthly book discussion meetings, held as part of the activities of the Book Discussion Club. The meetings are addressed to the readers who, in addition to their interest in reading, are ready share to their impressions, reflections, and opinions about books.
• Organising painting, photo, and handicraft exhibitions
• Author meetings
• Meetings with interesting people
• Celebrations of the World Book and Copyright Day.

All the cultural, educational and informative activities aim at promoting the library as a friendly place, where one can not only borrow a book, but also ask for help, gain new knowledge and have a nice and interesting time.
In the Children’s Section, it is of key importance to raise reading awareness in children through fun and play. It was only thanks to Kazimierz librarians’ efforts that readers have had the opportunity to meet Alina and Czeszław Centkiewicz, Ewa Nowacka, Zbigniew Święch or Maria Kuncewiczowa. It should be empahasised that the library has been providing its service to three generations of readers. It has been an exhibition venue for many years and housed photographic exhibitions by Rev. Father Bonifacy Kotys, Jerzy Kuna, Krystyna Szymańska, and Marcin Pisula, and painting exhibitions by Piotr Sujka, Katarzyna Małek, Ewa Gierasimiuk, and Jakub Podlodowski.
The process of computerisation of the library was started in 2010, within the framework of a project entitled “Creating of computer network connecting public libraries in the Puławy region. RPO WL/4.1/2009 – Information society. Since 2012, paper procedures have been replaced by electronic systems. As a result, all library services are now performed using computers in a fast, efficient, and modern way.
Updated catalogue of the library’s holdings is now available online at

ORANGE for libraries

The KK – Public Library once again submitted an application to take part in the “Orange for libraries” programme, coordinated by the Orange Foundation.
• The main aim of the programme is to provide free Internet access to users of regional public libraries and to promote using modern technologies in a safe and sensible way.
• By offering free-of-charge access to the Internet, the library can be more attractive for users and expand its educational-cultural offer for all its readers, irrespective of their age.
• The “Orange for libraries” programme makes the library a modern and multifunctional information centre.
• The Kazimierz library has received a financial donation (grant-in-aid funding) amounting to 3.107,35 PLN. The funding will be spent on the implementation of educational tasks and promoting Internet use among library staff and readers. Thanks to the above mentioned funding, the library is able to provide access to broadband Internet both in its main centre and in the Bochotnica branch. The subsidy will also cover the cost of materials, which will allow for implementation of educational projects until December 31st 2013.
• Thanks to the donation received from the Orange Foundation, all the library users in Kazimierz and Bochotnica can avail of the free-of-charge access to the Internet.

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